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We treat our people as the main asset of the Company

SVAROG maintains a very stimulating work environment. Every attempt is made to optimize opportunities for individual professional growth. Strong interactions with colleagues, outside experts, and clients are encouraged.

SVAROG pays salaries comparable to other industry leaders. Performance appraisals occur each year and are based upon corporate goals, an employee's personal development, performance and outstanding achievements. In addition, Group and Individual Bonuses are awarded for exceptional performances. SVAROG also has a stock option plan; generally used for executive positions in SVAROG.

SVAROG is a place where you can participate actively in our success, and with that, share in its rewards. Our employees work here because of who we are, what we do, and the progressive direction of our company.

Whether you are an experienced professional seeking new challenges or a student looking to jumpstart your career, SVAROG offers you rewarding career challenges, world-class benefits, lifetime learning opportunities and a culture that recognizes that you have a life outside of work.

You can access the career opportunities currently available within the Group either by clicking on the links for current and potential employers on the left of this page, or in the careers sections of the websites of the individual businesses, links to which can be found in the "Businesses and Products" section of this site.

We believe it is important that our employees should be given the chance to grow with the business so we look for individuals who wish to develop their skills through training and experience.

As a dynamically growing high-tech company, we consider our employees to be the main driving force behind our success. That's why at our national and international locations we're always eager to hire talented new employees who can help us successfully shape our shared future.

SVAROG operates a true meritocracy where promotion and career progression is based upon personal ability and performance.

Some Characteristics we value in people are honesty, hard work, creativity, long-term career commitment and ability to work in a team. If you are one these people, we may form a good team and we would like to meet you.

We are looking for people in the following areas:

  • Web application developers with design/architecture and/or team lead experience.
  • Junior programmers with educational background in computers and at least HTML development experience.
  • Testing and Site monitoring personnel with Internet searching and troubleshooting experience and references for diligence, attendance, and reliability.

All candidates must possess very good communication skills. The ideal candidate must be willing to learn & must therefore have good grasping powers. He/she must be a team player & possess high levels of energy.

Please send in your resumes to


Meeting individual aspirations

Employees are encouraged to proactively manage their careers within a transparent framework.

As a company, SVAROG is committed to training and developing its employees in line with its business needs. Training activities may include on the job coaching/mentoring, technology-based training, internal/external course attendance or other agreed activities which address the development need and the employee's preferred learning style.

Work Environment

Employees consider challenging work as a source of satisfaction. An open and transparent culture prevails in Svarog where learning is a part of every day life.

We foster an environment where our employees not only accept but also seek responsibility Employees are always encouraged to use a high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity..At Svarog, people enjoy doing their work.

At Svarog the work culture encourages open and transparent communications across all levels. We conduct Monthly Meetings where the Management shares the key events and business directions. This gives the employees an opportunity to share their views, feedback and suggestions.


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