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In an environment where the ability to respond quickly and accurately to customer issues is a key yardstick for success, an organization must be able to find ways of tapping into it is most important.

Responding quickly to customer needs. Communities serve a valuable function in being able to help organizations react to customer inquiries. They are useful in quickly identifying individuals with the right subject matter expertise necessary to provide the best answer to a client problem. This is especially important in organizations where the expertise needed to solve a client problem may be separated by time zones, distance and/or organizational boundaries. Through both face-to-face and virtual interactions, the knowledge of individuals in the community becomes more visible. This visibility can play a significant role in reducing the search time and costs associated with finding the right expert. Communities can also foster a sense of connection between members that will make it more likely for someone to return an e-mail or phone call from someone looking for a particular type of knowledge.

To take advantage of a firm's intellectual capital, organizations need to do more than simply employ technology. Rather, they need to focus on building the appropriate connections, relationships and context that allow knowledge to flow between those who have it and those who require it. Communities help bring together people, their knowledge of day-to-day work practices, and their artifacts and tools to solve problems and address customer needs.

Customer Interaction has changed immensely when we began our services, but our zeal and commitment has not. We have always been on the look out to add value to our customers experience and exceed their quality and performance standards. It is this commitment to providing the highest quality service that makes us what we are today. In continuation of our efforts to add value to your experience, we have enabled another forum for our client's to stay in touch with us through discussion forum. This is a simple web based interaction service, through which you can log in any request, query or concern and voila! -You will receive a response from our team in the shortest possible time. To show the seriousness we accord your interaction, we will provide you with a unique reference number for your query and you will be able to come back at any point in time and find out the status of your query this is just another step towards enhancing the quality of your net experience.

At Svarog, we are dedicated to providing our users with the best possible service. In order to resolve your problems as quickly as possible we have several options to help you find answers to your questions and concerns.


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