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Our ITOM is a collection of best practices, principles and models providing comprehensive technical guidance for achieving mission-critical production system. We assure reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability for solutions and services built for your requirements.

Design Considerations

To meet our goals we have designed high-quality system:

  • Use ideas that have been proven in action
  • Leverage industry best practices
  • Provide extensible foundation for operations knowledge
  • Address people, process, and technology
  • Incorporate input from customers, partners, and product and service organizations
  • Increase IT's agility so that the business can rapidly adjust to changing conditions
  • Integrate with frameworks that manage other parts of the IT life cycle, such as planning and deployment
  • Support managing end-to-end services, including processes and procedures, rather than just managing servers and technology

This system facilitates us to solve various challenges in the IT field.


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