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The development methodology for a Software system is a key Factor in delivering a reliable, robust and scalable solution.

The development Life Cycle is based on two models:

The Waterfall Model:

We use this to develop smaller Client-Server Applications that are based on the classic Structured System Analysis & Design (SSAD) Architecture. SSAD uses the Entity-Relationship diagrams and Data Flow diagrams. The typical development cycle comprises of Requirement Analysis, Functional Specifications, System Design, Development and Testing, Training & Rollout

The Spiral Model:

We follow this model for developing large, complex enterprise applications, based on Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Architecture. This model provides for a phased development and continuous improvement approach from RA through Rollout cycles


We develop solutions using proven methodologies for software development, conversion and porting. We provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of Client Server, Internet/Intranet and E-Commerce. SVAROG has specialized into building complete turnkey intranet solutions for business organizations. Our activities range from setting up and configuring the hardware, software and network components required for the Intranet, to developing custom applications.


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