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What is Re-engineering/ Migration?

Re-engineering is the process to redesign the system to cater to the customer's new requirements without disturbing the existing functionality and data.

Migration is a process that allows companies to relocate existing production software to a more desirable language and/or environment. Generally much less expensive than re-developing complex applications, migration preserves an organization's existing development investment and the software's functionality and reliability.

Organizations opt for an enhanced system considering internal needs to meet the external pressure.

Following factors are considered for renovation of current system:

  • Need for integrated software solutions that are reliable, robust and scalable
  • Improvising corporate health by reducing costs, improving service, and boosting speed and quality
  • Requirement for software solutions that are affordable and have terms and conditions those are flexible and predictable
  • Large corporations are under pressure from present and potential investors to reduce staffing levels and to strengthen the "tooth to tail" ratio (i.e., product or service producers to administrators or support staff) to remain profitable

Unexpected competition takes over a portion of a company's market share, resulting in rapid, unplanned, and unorganized downsizing to remain within budget.

Based on the complexity of his requirements customers may opt for re-engineering or Migration.

We offer

Svarog provide 'Corporate Change' strategies that enable organizations to model their structure and workflows so that informed decisions can be made when re-engineering and improving Business Processes. We have selected Oracle case tools as our business modeling software tool. We found this to be the only tool that allowed us to define the Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? of the business, with all the associated timings and costs, thoroughly, cost-effectively and easily.

By building on the precisely defined business knowledge stored in tool's repository, we can help organizations identify problem areas and significantly improve the efficiency of the business processes. We provide the medium like workbench, with which you may document and understand your business, both as it is now and how you want it to be in the future. If required, we can then assist in the design of computer systems that satisfy business requirements through the automation of these processes. This clear and unambiguous means for IT, business, administrative, clerical and manufacturing communities to communicate, greatly assists in the implementation of effective

  • Need for integrated software solutions that are reliable, robust and scalable
  • Identification of suitable technology and platforms
  • Replacement of obsolete applications through fresh development or integration of established products
  • Migration of applications to the new platform
  • Design, development and integration of the new environment

We specialize in the following areas of re-engineering or migration

  • . Net Migration
  • J2EE
  • Legacy to web
  • Mobile Enabling the Applications

Customer Benefits

We can assist your company by developing a functionality-oriented measurement process that focuses on the total process rather than on simply cutting costs (and jobs). This will allow senior managers to fine tune the picture of larger business operations with each re-engineering step.

Our services provide rapid delivery of application function and reduced cycle times designed to minimize project risk and cost while maintaining high-quality delivery. Our application development approach is focused on helping businesses rapidly re-engineer selected business processes and systems through prioritization of activities, extensive use of solutions prototyping, and time-boxed project management. This approach significantly reduces the risk and cost of systems development and enables more rapid response to the changing business environment.

In addition, we can also analyze and assess your application development process and procedures to improve their effectiveness. Our consultants are experts in all aspects of the application development process including culture, methodology, technology, skills, organization and measurements. Engagements can be tailored to one, many or all aspects of the overall application development process for improvement.


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