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We are one of the established corporates in the Software Process Consulting. The confidence and capabilities stem from the fact that we have been there through the ISO 9001 journey all the way.

Our Quality Consulting initiative leverages the skills and tools available internally for establishing, maintaining and improving on software development processes. We build on these and offer them as a solution to software houses or in-house systems development departments of large organizations.

The Quality Culture is institutionalized in Svarog. We have achieved a number of milestones in our ongoing journey towards excellence in Software Development and practices.

In the new economy, IT organizations worldwide are increasingly favoring the use of third party testing services. This is done to gain confidence in their IT investments and to fully understand their application / product behavior in a simulated environment.

Organizations that deploy e-commerce, banking, finance, healthcare, aerospace and defense system applications are business critical by their very nature. Typical challenges faced by these business critical applications are reliability of the applications, compatibility, scalability, and increased cost of fixing delivered defects.

To meet these demands, Svarog is offering third party, independent testing services for the customer's business critical applications. In all domains, deployment intensive applications/products developed on Microsoft, Sun, IBM and BEA platforms require professional testing support, which we provide.

Our services / solutions offer the following benefits to the client

Specialized testers with hands on experience in different testing tools for diversified testing requirements

Comprehensive testing tool evaluation with cost/benefit analysis report on project specific need is provided

All testing activities are governed through structured processes

End-to-end testing approach available as a solution for mitigating the deployment risk factors

Secured testing lab environment where applications can be tested in an offshore model.


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